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Let Me Tell You a Story...A Memoir by Patricia Jones Thurmond purchase on B&N

Join in the celebration of commonalities of the human spirit.  In this collection of stories, readers will see themselves, their family and friends as they delight in the “Aha!” moments found in these poignant, amusing, and tender recollections.    


Let Me Tell You A Story...A Memoir is available in soft cover and

e-book formats.  Get your copy today!  


Available at your local retailers and online.

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Pages: 112

ISBN: 978-1-48970-511-2


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In January 1978, Patricia's first published story appeared in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and it has been promulgated across several anthologies and textbooks.  A short film interpretation of If Cornered, Scream was developed by Steve Darby in 2008.  If Cornered,... fans will surely be excited to see this enduring story come alive.  A slightly updated version is available in the upcoming book release of Let Me Tell You A Story...

Patricia has written internet articles on parenting skills and learning techniques for Lutheran Hour Ministries.  ABCs and XYZs and Summer Scherzo were originally published in 2005.  You can read these in the "Just School Days" Collection found in Let Me Tell You A Story...A Memoir.




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"Education is my wheelhouse.  I enjoy sharing knowledge and cultivating young minds. I've written popular articles and developed toolkits on parenting and mentoring student teachers."   

 ~ Patricia Thurmond

'A home study center is a big help and may be as elaborate as a fullscale school library with enough computers and other electronic equipment to make Bill Gates blink. Or, it might be as simple as a TV table in a quiet spot. I’ve seen kids work with a chair and a trunk for a desk in a well-lit walk-in closet. A small table and chair setup in the hall or nook of an apartment or home may work. Before kids begin their homework, see if they know what to do, and afterward, check for completion, correctness, and neatness.'  

   - excerpt from 

                    ABCs and XYZs

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